Brand : Michael H. Brown

What You Take to Heaven

Jan wolterman |

I greatly enjoyed reading this book - it's filled with thought-provoking

I greatly enjoyed reading this book - it's filled with thought-provoking, intriguing insights and observations about life after life. whether you already believe, are on the fence, or claim to be atheist, reading this book with an open heart will surely raise your awareness and open you to new possibilities regarding the future of your spirit.

Bill king |

Refreshing, put me at ease

To keep my eye on the prize, so to speak, i often read and watch videos about ndes. this book tied all of those together nicely. michael brown reminds us that we strive for a prize and that jesus is with us every leg of the race. he shows us that we must shed our baggage (sin and guilt) and so we perform well and complete the race successfully. and i am at ease knowing that our judgement will only be harsh if we bring our baggage, particularly guilt and self criticism, with us. if we keep our hearts beating in unison with jesus's heart we will find joy in this life and in the next.

Jerry |

Possibly life changing

Fascinating series of accounts of near death experiences and their implications. done from both a clinical and theological perspective. if you have questions about whether there is life after death, give this a read. it just might change the way you look at what you are doing today.