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When Harry Met Sally... (Region 2)

Bluegrass gal |

Boomer classic

A classic for my generation via the collaboration of rob reiner & nora ephron. outstanding cast, fantastic soundtrack (harry connick, jr's first grammy), the orgasm scene, "teddy kennedy was shot?!" it's too good...


One to watch over and over again

This movie never fails to leave me laughing and crying at the same time. it's a romance between two people that don't quite get along at first, which is a lot more realistic than most sappy love stories. i'm anxiously waiting for it to be released on dvd.

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Love this movie.

This movie is an inspiration. it's full of whit and humor that applies to real life. love is a trickey thing and this movie amplifies that thought to its max. mabey men and women realy can be friends, even if it takes forever to discover this. watch this movie with someone you love. it will be worth it.