Brand : Building 429

Where I Belong

Rebecca l. lejeune |

Love this song

I heard this song on the radio on our way home from a missions trip to mexico and thought it completely said how i felt at that time. i wasn't looking forward to going home and facing the chaos that is currently my life. this song helped me remember that the troubles in this world are only temporary. great song!

Kathy |

Great song

This song reminds christians that there is more to look forward to than what this life has to offer. everyone goes through hard times but those with hope for an eternity in heaven can handle it easier than those who face an eternity of even worse suffering. we use this song when we do seminars at the prison. men in prison find relief from their situation by realizing there is a better day coming. amazon is easy to download from and easy to buy from. highly recommended!

Amazon customer |

Love the song

Great song by a great group. this song ran through my mind at my father's funeral and i just had to purchase it.