Brand : Maurice Sendak

Where the Wild Things Are Collector's Edition

Maghan downs |


This book has worked its way into a tradition in our household. i have a 6 month old son and we usually read this book on the weekends. we are now "wild things' obsessed. classic read.

Sofia d. garcia kissling |


The story its been recommended by a friend, and once i got it i loved it. the drawings are wonderful!

Amazon customer |

A great classic children's book

This is a great classic children's book. it is a fun and imaginative story about a little boy, max, that gets into trouble and has to got to bed without his supper. he then starts to image that his room is turning into a forest and that a boat appears. he sails off to where the wild things are and becomes their king. despite having lots of fun with them he longs for being back home where he is loved and starts to smell good food in the distance. so he sails back toward the smell, back home and awakes to find that his mother has left his supper in his room for him. and it is still warm. the only negatives i have are that many of the sentences ran on too long from one page to the next and that too many of the pages had no text at all. when reading this story to my 4 year old i always just make up my own text to go with the pictures only pages. but since this is an award winning book i am sure that those items are just a person taste thing with me and not a problem for most people.