Brand : Ralph Cotton

While Angels Dance (Life and Times of Jeston Nash)

Edward |

What a great and unexpected pleasure to read

What a great and unexpected pleasure to read. after reading/listening to all of ralph cottons books, i for some reason shied away from these few in this series. what a mistake. easily see why it was nominated for the pulitzer prize



Having read rw cotton's other work first, i realized when i read while angles dance that this is all a part of an ongoing saga that gives a full account of how two troubled young men have allied their lives together in a desperate search for meaning during an insane period of bloodshed and violence. it is easy to laugh, cry, and at times almost bleed right along with his fictional outlaws. miller crowe & quiet jack are the most tortured, lonesome, complex and compelling characters to ever come out of a western novel. angels dance may well be the most spiritual in-depth western novel ever written

Amazon customer |

Best westerns!!! i wish they would make movies out of all of them!

Ralph cotton is the funniest and most riveting western writer i have ever encountered. i love his books so much it makes me tear up just thinking of how grateful i am, like these stories are a gift from heaven. i particularly like his jeston nash series, but i've not read one ralph cotton novel yet that i don't hold in high regard.