Brand : Peter Tupper

Whispers in Darkness: Lovecraftian Erotica

Kat |

Something i didn't know i'd wanted

I kind of stumbled across this accidentally, but i'm certainly glad i read it. some of the stories were viewed in a kind of horror as i read through them, but still unable to put it down (koenigsberg's model comes to mind here), others i read with a sense of glee, clapping my hands and giggling the whole way through (the dreams in the laundromat), but i think a reflection of kindness was definitely my favorite piece in the collection, the right mixed of smooth erotica blended with lovecraftian horror. definitely a good read.

Ilya medvedev |

Hot and steamy!

I loved this anthology - i was amazed at how well the authors maintained the vibe and flavor of lovecraft, while making it sexy. hp lovecraft himself was rather prudish in his writing, so it is wonderful to see his vision improved and enhanced by this anthology. those who know his work well will no doubt recognize certain themes and characters, while others should be prepared for a slightly strange, mystifying and intriguing erotic journey that is hard to resist.

Thom c. |

If you like lovecraftian horror and the lovecraft mileiu

If you like lovecraftian horror and the lovecraft mileiu, and don't mind leaving out the explicit racism while emphasising the sensual aspects of this mythos, you'll love this collection of short stories. they're exciting, horrifynig,erotic, sexy and utterly debauched. you know what i mean. so read this and exalt in your inner nature.