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White Lightning

Bob |

White lightning

This is one of my three favorite burt reynolds movies of all time. if you like burt you will love this movie.i highly recomend it.

Proud dad |

The original "good ole' boy" film

The original "good ole' boy" movie that started the genre. three strong leads in reynolds, billingsley, hopkins and a dash of ned beatty. reynold's "personna" was created in this well directed film.

Allan william rupert jr. |

Classic southern burt

Great dvd of a great burt movie. smokey and the bandit was good but somewhat of a comedy, this is a bayou, sweatin' in the heat, southern, old school cars and guns classic. ned beaty as the old school redneck sheriff is excellent. burt's 429 fomoco custom 300, rebel roy's ridge runner merc, and the other late 60's early 70's muscle is worth the cost of the dvd alone. whiskey runnin, still cookin', roadhouse, prison, and summer heat. buy it!