Brand : Whitmor

Whitmor Gift Wrap Organizer - Space Saving and Storage Solution for Wrapping Paper, Ribbons, Craft Supplies and More - Can Hold 40" Rolls of Gift Wrap - 4 Extra Pockets and Sturdy Hanging Hook

Cassi |

Holiday wrapping all in one place

I really enjoy taking advantage of the after christmas sales. getting holiday wrapping and such at incredible discounts really makes a mom feel like she is making the best of the money. the problem is, by the time the next year rolls around, it is either impossible to find or it has been crushed to an unusable state from being crammed in a closet. this is the perfect solution! all of my wrapping paper, bows and ribbons as well as other small holiday accessories fit perfectly into the bag. it slides neatly under the bed and is out of the way and ready to use the next season! i love this so much that i purchased 2. one of the holidays and the other for all of the other occasions like birthday, weddings, just because, and everything else. just the thing for the frugal shopper and the person that loves to stay organized!

Elizabeth johnston |

Very handy! lots of storage in little space.

I filled this up and sat it on end in the back of the closet and freed up shelf space. great design.

Worked until broke |

Cleared my clutter

Had wrapping paper all over my house. now its all gone and under the bed. works great and keeps everything sealed