Brand : Phillis Gershator

Who's in the Garden?

Mommaonamission |

Creatively colorful

My 10 month old daughter loves this book. it is very colorful and has a lot of fun detail on each page. it also is great for babies/toddlers to help them learn pronounciation of certain words by repetition. for instance, "bees buzz, buzz, buzzing from rose to rose." she wants me to read it to her over and over again!

Makenna |

Perfect for little gardeners!

I am so in love with this book. the illustrations are vibrant and captivating, and the text is darling. i am a gardener and my little one lives to help, so i know she will love this book. it is large, sturdy, and high quality. the peek-throughs are a fun element.

Jamie elliott |

Big, pretty board book

At first i was a bit disappointed with this book. my daughter, then eight months old, was not very interested in it though she loved almost all her other books. she is now almost a year old and in the past few months she started pulling it off the shelf again. she loves looking at the pictures and picking out the animals. i think the pages were too complex and crowded when she was littler, but now she enjoys taking in the pictures and searching out the animals. this is a big, sturdy, colorful book. each spread has a little window giving a peek at the next animal to be discussed. the rhymes are pleasant with just the right amount of words. the illustrations are in a pretty collage style. i would recommend it.