Brand : Cheryl Strayed

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail (Oprah's Book Club 2.0 1)

Lois p. newman |

You have to be unjudgemental about the writer's history which was "wild".

Cheryl strayed picked a good last name when she divorced her first husband...she had strayed and felt lost. her determination to make the trip up the pacific crest trail was amazing and the characters and experiences along the trail were very interesting. this book was selected by my church book group. some were skeptical about the writer's life style but most really enjoyed the story. after reading a few excerpts to my husband he wanted to read the book since he has a strong interest in nature. when he finished it he recommended it to several of our friends! it is being shared as i write this.

Spellbound |

Absolutely fascinating story told in great detail.

I found it difficult to believe a young woman could actually do what cheryl did. and her story is absolutely fascinating. to add to her considerable talents, she is a very good writer. she tells her story in such a way that you don't want to put the book down. some of her experiences actually brought tears to my eyes. she tells her story in such vivid detail you almost feel you are with her. this book is very well-written in a style that makes you hope she writes another one.

The klumppster |

Most amazing story i have read in a long time.

I cannot even begin to express what this book means to me. it touched me on such a personal level due to the fact that i lost my own mom before i read the book and saw the movie. i enjoyed the book so much more than the movie. not to say the movie was bad but there were many more details that i think helped facilitate painting a picture of cheryl and her personal journey, in the book. being an outdoors woman myself, i can certainly relate to cheryl's need to prove herself to herself and take a journey to explore and find who she really is. it is interesting how time out in nature can cause one to reflect and face some things in ones life. i recommend this book every chance i can get. it is best described as an onion, there are many layers to it and sometimes you have to peel away layers to see how deep something really is......