Brand : Russell A. Mittermeier;Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier;Patricio Robles Gil;John Pilgrim

Wilderness: Earth's Last Wild Places by Russell A. Mittermeier (2003-04-02)

S. wilson |

One of a kind...

The three massive books of this series ("megadiversity", "hotspots", and the latest, "wilderness.") should be considered a "must have" for every person who is concerned about the future of life on earth. the photographs of the natural world are many and without parallel - in huge format and by the world's greatest nature photographers (gil, lanting, rowell, wolfe, etc.). the accompanying text is by no means "lite" reading - indepth description of the threats currently facing earth's last remaining wild ecosystems and how conservation internation is addressing those threats. "wilderness" also pays special attention to the human cultures that are on the brink of extinction side-by-side with the lemurs, tigers, and tamarins. it should be noted that these are, physically, some of the largest books i have ever seen. they weigh over 20 lbs and measure 12" by 14" - not something that is easily read in bed - but still handsome and absolutely stuffed with content. i will treasure this book (and its two sister volumes) for the rest of my life and look forward to sharing them with my children. if anything, they are a super-detailed, highly poignant accounts of the state of earth's biosphere in 1998-2003, and what mankind was doing to both destroy and save those systems.

Zini da kazem |

Beautiful world

Excellent book...another great resource and testament about how beautiful our world is and potentially reminder what we are slowly but surely ruining world around us!

Luis figueiredo |

The real richness of our planet

An excellent book that i whish everybody in the world would be able to see and realize that the real richness we have in our lives is nature. help protect the last wild places