Brand : ZoeeTree

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, ZOEE S1 Outdoor Portable Stereo Speaker with HD Audio and Enhanced Bass, Built-In Dual Driver Speakerphone, Bluetooth 4.0, Handsfree Calling, FM Radio and TF Card Slot

Morgan smith |

Zoee speaker very good!

This speaker came in 2 days as promised. the instructions were clearly written along with nice images to help in the setnup process. the sound is very good and i would highly recommend this product!

Jamie |

Classy, loud and truely worth it.

I am getting ready to go camping in the north carolina blue ridge mountains next week and wanted a bluetooth speaker that had more punch than the small ones that i own. i didn't wanna spend the crazy money on your high end bluetooth speakers but i wanted one that was along that line of the high end speakers. so i did some searching on amazon for a good amount of time and i came across zoee's s1 bluetooth speaker. first i wanna get into how solid and well made these speakers are right out of the box. the sound blows any other bluetooth speakers i've ever owned out of the water. the high quality sound with the high volume just blows my mind more than its been before bluetooth speaker wise. 2x drivers with the 2 subwoofers and the 2 tweeters just make this a solid amazing speaker system. 2 passive bass resistors gives your music all the punch you will need to make your bones rattle. in nutshell: 1: sound is great i didnot experienced any distortions. 2: looks are really good and new others just have rectangle and wavy. 3: battery life is authentic as they claim. 4: sub woofer are really strong. 5: customer support: this is more than best i mean in my life noone has ever contacted me in person after the purshase of any product to take the feedback. they also helped me out that how can i extend my warranty to 6 months free of cost.

Timswoodart |

Great quality sound for a small speaker!

Purchased to replace small ihome speaker purchased at membership store. it was bluetooth only and it skipped horrible. i wanted to get a speaker for my echo dot to enjoy music better. this was $5 less and so much better! the bluetooth doesn't skip, you may also use a double male cord to hardwire to the dot. the sound is really nice for a small speaker. i am extremely pleased with this purchase! it's a solid heavy small speaker, surprising how good it sounds! thanks