Brand : Margaret Halsey

With Malice Toward Some

Caliboy |

A lesson in style and effortless wit and humor

Margaret halsey's best-selling 1938 "diary/travel journal" is one of the few books that i consistently give to new people that i meet who appreciate real style. margaret halsey's book is a lesson in how a writer can retell a remarkably interesting and involving narrative and at the same time reveal the inner workings of her own agile mind and quick wit. at the conclusion, one feels one has not only met halsey but that one *knows* her. as with the best wits and the most gracious humorists, margaret halsey makes a gift of her talents and the reader is the recipent. 1938 may seem a long way off now (of course it isn't in any real sense, my mother was born before that year) but margaret halsey makes the era as vital as our own. o to be in the england of 1938. halsey later became a staunch civil rights activist and her writing, while remaining vital and remarkably precient and well-considered, loses some of the "light touch" that is demonstrated here. no matter really, i would recommend all of her books to you.

Ambb |

Excellent product and service.

The book was in exceptional shape, just like the seller promised, even though it was printed in 1938. i was replacing a cherished family heirloom that had simply fallen apart from age. the book i received had a different cover but was an exact duplicate of my parents' book. i am very grateful that the seller acquired such an unusual book and kept it in such good condition.

Callie & josie's mom |

Love this old book

Love this old book! written in diary form so you can pick it up at any time. just thoroughly enjoyable!