Brand : Melissa Snark

Wolf's Cross: Book 4 (Loki's Wolves)

Faythe |

Sawyer or logan, what will victoria wind up doing?

The books offered by melissa snark continually surprise me. i loved reading this book and can't wait to read the next when it is released. victoria has her small pack put together, not just wolves, but also including some hunters who she thought were after to kill her and finish her pack off. logan from book 1 shows back up and a battle breaks out between him and the interlopers he thinks is threatening his pack. victory has to deal with 2 strong male presences in her pack now and is not certain if there will be an upset in the pack hierarchy. on top of this she has to bring together as many packs as she can and try to reforge the broken alliance between the hunters and the wolves. and if that is not all she has to deal with freya is still on the outs with her for her calling on odin's power to resurrect sawyer. will logan or sawyer wind up taking the pack from her? will she be able to calm down ruffled tempers in her pack? will she be able to make amends with freya before everything goes up in smoke? you will have to read to find out. i definitely recommend continuing the story, it is well worth the read. i received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Kindle customer |

Get ready to have your mind blown!!

Omg! that was awesome! author melissa snark has once again left me speechless with her master storytelling abilities. i for one can not wait for the next book in this series!! i would recommend this book to every one (18 years and older)! and i wouldn't change a thing about it!! there are so many revelations revealed in this book, it really will blow your mind. no joke, this is my number one favorite series. author melissa snark has perfected her craft with her strong characters, action, magic and mayhem, the depth of which she builds her stories and the ability to follow the story line. she's crossed all her t's and dotted all her i's. an epic and brilliant book. and i know the next one will be just as good if not better! and omg i can not wait! i couldn't write a blurb without giving spoilers and i don't/won't give spoilers. i received an arc in exchange for an honest review.

Sara mckelvey brown |


This has been the best one in the series so far. so many things are going on in this book that it keeps you on the very edge of your seat the whole time reading. i'm also so glad to see a certain someone return! can't wait for the next installment!