Brand : Francesca Lia Block

Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur: A Mythological Dating Guide

Lis |

Loved it!

This was so much fun to read and i find myself asking everyone i know to read the descriptions and find out what "creature" they are so that i can have people to talk about it with!

Valentine |


I am happily paired, but purchased this book because i am a huge fan of block's. i always found it fun to read astrology books, but was never all that into it. this book really captures a lot that i felt was missing in astrology. the "types" are very very very well done, and as another reviewer said, you will start to "see" them all around you immediately! i think this may be because astrology forces you into one category whereas block takes into consideration the make-up of the whole individual, including physicality, drive, sexual appetite, passions, style, and everything else you may find important when you're trying to find your match! there is even a section for mixed types and pairings of the same sex! not only do i think this book will help my writing (it is so imaginative and i think that the "types" will help me to round out my characters,) but i think i discovered why i crave attention so much. my mother is clearly a banshee, and yes, her marriage to my "hob" father is definitely a strange match! block hits it on the nose every time. i completely recommend this book! another plus: the awesomely beautiful illustrations by fumi nakamura!

Valentine |

Clever and perceptive

I bought this book on a whim. having just left a four year relationship behind, i felt intrigued by looking at dating from a mythological pov. i was completely delighted and surprised after identifying myself as a fairy and my ex as a satyr; i was able to see how are match lasted but was ultimately not meant for happily ever after. my satyr was a scorpio and block had even managed to id this! astrology and mythology combined! this is a fun, light read and oh-so enjoyable to re-read after entering the dating world again. i was even able to id my family members and some of their right/wrong relationship pairs. i hope ms. block writes another similar sequel!