Daniel w. kelly |

Great remastering--but the odd 'bonus track' situation

So, yay! the jellybean wotupski? album on cd with bonus tracks! now, here's the big question. what exactly is the difference between the 'dance mixes' of sidewalk talk and the mexican as compared to the album versions??? i've been listening to these songs for like 30 years, and as far as i can tell, both 'mixes' of each song are the same exact versions. i have a feeling the 12" singles were the album versions, and gold legion simply didn't realize there was a difference when they got the masters for the 12" singles with the funhouse as a result, the songs were repeated. as for the funhouse mixes. they are essentially instrumental versions of the 'dance mixes' (aka: the album versions).

80s music master |

Watch where you walk....

I am more than thrilled to finally have this ep on cd. i am a big fan of both jellybean and madonna so it only made sense that i get this cd. 3 versions to 'sidewalk talk' too. #blessed in 80s heaven. also feeling 'dancinon the fire' but i remember india's version, not so much the one on this cd but its all good

Ivan c. |

Classic nuf said!

This is a must have for anyone who enjoys freestyle and or jellybean remixes! don't wait for it to become extinct get yours now...