Brand : Wrangler

Wrangler Men's Authentics Classic Relaxed-Fit Jean, Military Blue Flex, 36x36

Mark |

Incredible for my first online purchase of clothing

Bang on perfect fitment. as far as the pants go, they are wranglers, these things will take a beating every day of the week and keep going.

Bryce conner |

Comfortable and durable

I like that wrangler has in-between sizes. levi's are only every 2", and wranglers are 1" difference between sizes. also, levi's have been going downhill for a while, yet wranglers still have the durability that they always have had. this pair fits exactly how i am built, and has not torn or gotten rough around the edges. i have no complaints, so i'm giving them 5 stars.

Jeremy d. |


The pants looked a little big when holding them up but fit good. they are a little baggy in the legs but not bad