Brand : Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights (Macmillan's Student Series)

Melanie m. matthews |

A very good read.

I love the older writers and this book is one of the best. i also like having it on e-book as my shelves are getting too full.

N. anderson |


These clothbound penguin classics are even more beautiful in person! i have 3 of them on a credenza in my living room and they look great!

Jane waldock |

Jane eyre

Now this was a real surprise - a "classic" that was worth reading. okay so i came to it in a very round about way, having seen the recent film, and then read "the eyre affair" by jasper fforde (clearly missing out on much of the fun there through my ignorance!) but this was a good read. compared to the horror and suffering of reading pride & prejudice, jane eyre was a character who i cared about.