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X-men 4 / Origins: Wolverine [Blu-ray]

Rosebudtattoo |

Who doesn't love the wolverine

Who doesn't love the wolverine??? my daughter loves this movie and wanted her own copy. great dvd. thanks for the fast shipping.

Cassie |

Sons easter gift

I bought this for my oldest sons easter gift. he loved it, every part of it. looked new, and came in a package and wrap. no scratches on it, no skipping. story line was crazy and took you a few minutes in the beginning to find out where the story picked up from. other than that, if you are into the x-men movies, and have seen and like the first wolverine movie, then you should definitely watch this one!

High hurdles |


Fear is a great motivator. the fear of losing immortality or the fear of passing it along to someone else. the line "you don't want what i go" is a perfect line. watch the movie and you will hear it in context. this sums up the folly of being human and the humanity that wolverine deeply needs to provide him a sense of purpose in this lifetime. buy this movie and you will understand why writers are paid as well as they are to produce scripts. david