Brand : YEBING

YEBING Women's Cute Knit Cartoon Animal Face Soft Warm Fuzzy Fleece Lining Winter Home Slipper Socks (Bear)

Ilene s. |

These fuzzy animal socks are the best. very comfortable

these fuzzy animal socks are the best. very comfortable. they come up half way up my leg which is great because not only do the keep my feet nice and warm they keep my legs warm too. i love the fuzzy lining, non-skid bottoms and cute bear on the foot. they are just plain fun to wear. these would be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays!

Clayton and alyece smith |

Puppy feet

Check out these fuzzy socks! they’re super warm and fit great! they also have the bottom grips. they’ll be my new favorite slipper sock for sure. great price and great quality!

Sb-lynn |

Love these; not just a cute gift idea but they’re great, comfortable socks

I got these socks for my son’s girlfriend for christmas. they have a beloved pit-bull and i thought this would make a great fun gift. when i searched on amazon for pit-bull themed gifts, there were lots of ornaments and tee-shirts and other items that showed up. i purchased a few of them but most of them have been pretty disappointing - overpriced and of low-quality. that’s always the tricky part about buying online is that you don’t get to actually try on or see what you’re getting. in this case, i’m happy to say these socks are even better than i expected. in fact, they’re so nice and soft (so soft) that i’m getting a few pair for myself. they’re every bit as nice as the more expensive and similar knit socks i’ve bought from stores like nordstroms and macys. do note that if you search amazon for pit-bull socks, these are among several that show up. they do have a really cute dog face on them, but i wouldn’t characterize the face as being a pit-bull. this isn’t a problem for me in fact i like them better - more of a generic dog-face. highly recommended.