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Journeywork |

Great adaptation

Great adaptation. was skeptical of a redo of these classic characters, but they nailed it. setting it in modern day helps create some distance from the films. acting is top-notch. the season two finale is one of my favorite episodes of any show.

Littlebirdie |

Best show i've seen in a long time

Hannibal deserves all the stars! it is realistic and open in a way i haven't seen a show be in a long time. if you don't have a dark show to watch i completely recommend hannibal!

Rachel williams |

So far so good

Season 2 is already off to a great start with the chilling first episode, kaiseki. mads mikkelsen is brilliantly creepy, hugh dancy delivers a wonderful performance as will graham, and unsurprisingly, gillian anderson manages to steal the show. i am very excited to see where they take it.