Brand : Tom Hanks

You've Got Mail [Region 2]

Marlene bickar |

Love this movie

Tom hanks and meg ryan are at their very best in this movie. the two are superb as strangers e-mailing each other not knowing they will eventually fall in love. i've seen this movie many times. probably more of a chick flick, however i have gotten my husband to watch it with me.

T |

The best movie!

The best movie!! this is my favorite and now since i own it digitally i can watch it anywhere. seriously if you've never seen it you should. who needs sleepless in seattle when you've got mail. everyone loves mail, no one wants to be sleepless. if your watching for the first time i would recommend maybe some starbucks to go with it, and maybe lay a single flower on your table. preferably daises.

Amazon customer |

Classic romcom

Just a classic romcom. great chemistry between these two for this film. meg had a stranglehold on these types of flicks back in the day.