Brand : Jessica Chastain

Zero Dark Thirty (Widescreen Edition)

Beverley baldwin |

Well worth it

I didn't get to watch this dvd but i later watched the movie via another way. i could not get the dvd to play on my blu ray player as it was the wrong region and so i got a refund but it is well and truly worth watching if you get a chance

Nightowl1050 |

Great movie!!

One of the best movies about the tracking down and killing of osama binladen that i have ever seen. you gotta see it!

G. reid |

One of the year's best picture

Hey wait a minute it's not in 3-d? 'zero dark' should be up for oscar consideration for best picture coming next academy awards. a few great lines in this movie i can't repeat on amazon. it kind of falls into 'scarface (1982) f catergory'. nothing seem to be sugar-coated or glorfied, straight to the point, spear-headed leading to the capture. director bigolow makes the audience feel as if they are inside the raid itself. zero dark thirty is one the years best films and even best of the decade.