Brand : Wildlife Education Ltd


Amazon customer |

My son adores it!

Started receiving this magazine when my son was 3! he just turned 4 and i plan on continuing as it has been a highlight for us. the funny (to me) story: while working on completing my son's toilet training this became the go to magazine to keep him occupied while sitting on the potty and waiting. it has excellent little facts about the featured animal as well as stories and games geared perfectly to his level. although my son has been potty trained for some time at this point the habit of reading this magazine in the bathroom stuck. that's right, he asks for this magazine every time that it's "that time". i now keep them stacked at the back of the toilet :d

Blaine hancock |

Zootles - great education!

I have a 5 year old and a 2 year that really enjoy these magazines!! sometimes even the 9 year old pipes in and shares what she learned from reading them. the magazines are very informative - even a young child can understand! i really love that zootles includes a letter and a number and a color! zootles makes learning about animals and nature very fun! zootles doesn't seem to be swayed in one direction politically(if that makes sense) just very honest education and our whole family is lovin' it!!!

Nyc mom |

Educational and fun

Great magazine that offers activities that work for the very different abilities of kids 3-6. my son is 3 and loves looking for the letter and number activities plus beginning to follow the simple worksheet directions (like identifying wet and dry and then circling pictures). the animal pictures are a big hit and unlike so many kid books the stories in each issue don't overly humanize the animals but instead focus on parallels to your child's life. there's also a poster and some stickers in each issue that are great for art projects and talking and learning more about animals. and the paper stock is thick enough to survive a preschooler!