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iPhone SE / 5S / 5 case, EMPIRE Signature Series Slim-Fit Case for Apple iPhone SE / 5S / 5 - Neon Scribbles

An iphone user |

This case is one of the best i've ever used.

I always heard how awesome otterbox was in the past but never actually tried them because of the steep price and how bulky it makes the phone. this case is just he opposite. it's not as expensive as i've seen them before and it's very slim. it's also very sturdy. i don't drop my phone very often but if i do i feel comfortable that this case will protect it. don't get the life proof for the 5 unless you plan on being around water often. read the reviews and compare it to this case. you will be very happy in this purchase.

Allybee |


I love this case. one of my favorites i've had. it protects my phone like otterboxes do, but it also isn't that thick or bulky. love the colors!

Dseifu |

Great buy.

I think the otterbox series of iphone covers/protectors are the way to go. i love the defender series for my 4s so much so when my wife got the iphone 5 i knew what case to get her. obviously the commuter case is not as "hardcore" as the defender but is still a good reliable case for the iphone.