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iPod Touch 6th Generation Case, [Scratch Resistant] i-BlasonClear [Halo Series] for Apple iTouch 5/6 Hybrid Bumper Case Cover (Clear/Black)

Rachael |

I love this case

I love this case! the material is very durable which is great for me because i am always dropping things! i also like the color becayse i have a pink ipod.

Cathi lee |

If you want a clear itouch case, forget the rest and buy this one.

So i'm not the kind of person to usually leave a voluntary review on an item which i purchased on a whim, but i have to this time. this case is awesome. now, i have to preface this by saying that the case i had on my ipod touch fifth-generation, originally, looks very similar to this case from i-blason. in terms of "hand-feel", solidity, quality, and design… this case is in a completely different league. previously, my ipod touch had a simple, thin, clear tpu sleeve on it. minimal, i thought, and just what i wanted to be able to see the decals and engraving i had put on the back of it. however, even my super slim tipped lightning cables could make it through the opening in my old case, not to mention anything other than stock headphones through the headphone opening. the build of this product, however, feel sturdier, it looks nicer, and i love that it has an actual bumper on it. i love the slightly raised edges on the back, so that if it falls it suspended slightly above the ground, but to be honest with you more than anything i like it because i think it looks awesome. furthermore, my lightning cables fit just fine in the opening on this case, and i think all of my headphones are going to fit too. on a sidenote, the speaker hole at the bottom of the case is just a little bit too small for one of the five holes, but i'm pretty sure that's the difference between the itouch 6 and the itouch 5 (mine is a 5th gen). to be honest with you, it doesn't bother me at all. it's a very very minor detail, and i was fully aware it was probably going to happen when i bought a case for a different generation than mine. i would go out on a limb and say that this case will probably perfectly fit any ipod touch 6, and look fantastic doing it. as long as a slight discrepancy on the speaker holes at the bottom doesn't bother you (if i hadn't been expecting it i would never have noticed it) then this case will be perfect for your ipod touch 5 as well. and for the record, i paid full price for this item, simply because i liked it better than any of the others on amazon. if you want to clear case for your ipod touch five or six, then trust me and just buy this one. you won't regret it.

Sammie goladay |

Allows the beauty of the ipod touch 6 show. ...

Allows the beauty of the ipod touch 6 show. offers little protection from drops, but allows the device to retain the small form factor and protects from scratches and mild use.