Brand : pjuractive

pjuractive 2Skin Anti-Chafing and Blister Protection Gel, 0.68 Fluid Ounce, Pump Dispenser

Bill |

A gear bag staple!

This has become a staple in my gear bag. i don't wear socks in my running shoes and i haven't had a single blister since i started using 2skin. even in new shoes and a 15 mile run, no problems at all. it doesn't take much to get the job done and the spray bottle makes it easy to apply. if you're a runner, you need this product!

Trigirlla |

A must-have for triathletes!

Great product! got a couple samples in a race swag bag and loved it from the get-go! used it again this weekend for half-ironman and had absolutely no chafing or irritation, despite a wet tri kit and peeing on the go. tried a double application this time and not sure i really needed that, one layer was enough the first time. i like the single packets for ease of travel and having them at home and in my race bag, plus my husband can keep them in his race bag as well.

Christine lim |

It's finally nice to see something that he actually views as effective

Purchased for my husband- an avid triathlete and meticulous in the equipment and products that he uses for training and races. after seeing product after product on display on our counter and in his transition bags, it's finally nice to see something that he actually views as effective. 2skin has been a staple for his swim, bike, and run preparation - it's amazing to see how little is needed to provide coverage and protection through long days of activity. great product for any multisport or endurance athlete.