Brand : smartYOU Products

smartYOU PREMIUM LABELED 7 Piece Portion Control Containers Kit (COMPLETE GUIDE + FREE 21 DAY PDF PLANNER + RECIPE E-BOOK + BODY TAPE MEASURE included) - Leak proof, Perfect Size, Color-coded

Amazon customer |

As promised

You think you know what one cup looks like, until you realize it's smaller than you thought, hah. these are great containers, i'm on my first week using them and pleased!

Vmun71 |


Great product! very well made. i ordered 2 sets and considering more to make pre-planned meals easier per day. fast shipping.

Creeative1 |

I am headed down the right path with this

I wanted to use this for a few days before i reviewed it. first off the one that is advertised on tv is way to expensive for what it actually is. thus far this system is working for me. the containers while small really help to get you back on track with portion control and how much you should be eating. in the box will come all of the necessary containers, a tape measure and a cheat sheet instruction booklet to get you started. shortly after purchase you will receive an email with an editable pdf file from the company containing all of the documents needed. a way to track your staring measurements and weight, set up your 21 day workout routine and then track your daily food and water intake. love the fact that i could edit the pdf and set up my own workout plan for my fitness level. i put everything in a binder along with notebook paper (covered in sheet protectors) so that i can document my daily process. this is worth the price contrary to what others have said. while i didn't receive a recipie pd it wasn't really a big deal, that's what they make google and youtube for. already made some mini egg white souffles in my mini muffin pan with spinich and turkey bacon and it counts as a protein snack.